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About our wedding catering service

We like to help our clients thoroughly plan each stage of their catering needs, whether you select our onsite full service function, function meal delivery or even the spit roast rolls option. With our experience and knowledge we can advise you on such items as hireage, glasses, table cloths, venues, bar service, drink quantities etc. Take advantage of this service as it won't cost you anything and it reduces unnecessary stress for all concerned when planning your big day.

How does our wedding catering service work?

At our initial meeting we will obtain your details, discuss your requirements and we will make recommendations where need be. We will then provide you with our estimate/confirmation form which will show the costs involved and the vital details such as dates, times etc. Once you have signed this form confirming that you wish to proceed, you will be forwarded an invoice for 10% of the estimated total in order to secure your booking.

Wedding Catering Options

We can provide you with a variety of service and menu options. We have our standard selection of menus but we are more than happy to alter these in order to include a favourite salad, dessert or to cater for specific dietary requirements. We are experienced in working within a variety of budgets and are able to accommodate you with a range of pricing options.

Our objective is to provide you with fresh quality, food combined with flexible friendly service.